Deep fried tofu

Fried tofu with vegetable sauce (brown sauce)

Yakitori (4pcs)

Skewered chicken with green onion

Baked crab meat stuffed snapper

Crab meat wrapped by baked snapper with cream sauce, tobiko, green onion

Baked mussel

Baked green mussel with cream cheesy sauce

Gyozas (6pc)

Pan fried Japanese pot sticker

Tempura Appetizer

(3) tempura Shrimp and (4) vegetable tempura

Spicy Tuna Ball

Spicy tuna wrapped by thin sliced big eye tuna, tobiko, spicy mayo, eel sauce

Cajun tuna sashimi (9pc)

Cajun style grilled big eye tuna sashimi

Tuna tataki sashimi (9pc)

Seared big eye tuna sashimi

Sashimi appetizer

3pc yellowtail, 3pc tuna

Fresh oyster (6pc)

Oyster on the half shell with citrus sauce


Sweet black sea weed


Boiled soybean

Ocean salad
Tako sunomono

Sour Octopus salad

Spicy tuna poki

Extra spicy chopped big eye tuna salad

Stuffed Tomato (2pc)

Inside: crab meat, Outside: Tuna, SMT, spicy mayo,eel sauce

Cajun Crab Cake
Burning Heart

Spicy tuna, cream cheese, fried jalapeno, spicy mayo, tobiko